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Command Line Tipps

Delete all jobs

for job in $(echo "list jobs" | bconsole | grep "^|" | grep -v "jobid" |cut -d '|' -f 2 | tr -d ' ' | sort); do echo "delete jobid=$job" | bconsole ; done

Delete all volumes

for volume in $(echo "list volumes" | bconsole | grep "^|" | grep -v "mediaid" |cut -d '|' -f 3 | tr -d ' ' | sort); do echo "delete volume=$volume yes" | bconsole ; done

Reinitialize database

cd /tmp
systemctl stop bareos-dir
su postgres -c "dropdb bareos"
su postgres -c /usr/lib/bareos/scripts/create_bareos_database
su postgres -c /usr/lib/bareos/scripts/make_bareos_tables
su postgres -c /usr/lib/bareos/scripts/grant_bareos_privileges

Add volumes to Pool

  1. Check available space in target partition
  2. Increase number of Volumes in affected pool configuration (/etc/bareos/bareos-dir.d/pool/Incremental.conf 

      Maximum Volumes = 120               # Limit number of Volumes in Pool
  3. Reload confliguration in bconsole
  4. Label new volume 

    Automatically selected Catalog: MyCatalog
    Using Catalog "MyCatalog"
    The defined Storage resources are:
         1: FileFull
         2: FileInc
    Select Storage resource (1-2): 2
    Enter new Volume name: Incremental-0111
    Defined Pools:
         1: Full
         2: Incremental
    Select the Pool (1-2): 2
    Connecting to Storage daemon FileInc at
    Sending label command for Volume "Incremental-0111" Slot 0 ...
    3000 OK label. VolBytes=230 Volume="Incremental-0111" Device="FileStorageInc" (/
    Requesting to mount FileStorageInc ...
    3001 OK mount requested. Device="FileStorageInc" (/var/opt/bareos/Inc/)

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